понедельник, 9 сентября 2013 г.

Мастер-класс по пошиву жилетки


Решила поделиться советом о том как можно сшить такую вот легкую в изготовлении жилетку.

Для раскроя нужно сложить ткань (искусственные мех на трикотажной основе шириной 150 см)  пополам, немного округлить углы (на рисунке я округлила только два угла, на самом деле надо округлить все четыре). 
Ширину куска ткани (в развернутом виде) надо определить исходя из обхвата талии и небольшого припуска на свободу облегания + припуски на швы. Изготовить 2 навесные петли, можно также просто взять готовый шнур, в т.ч. кожаный. Прострочить жилетку по всем сторонам, захватив в швы навесные петли и оставив посередине см. 8-10 для того чтобы вывернуть жилетку наружу. Этот участок надо потом подшить вручную. Вот и все - жилетка готова :).

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  1. zhiletka klevaya, no luchshe by iz drugogo materiala

    1. Да, можно из другого материала, более актуальной расцветки :)

  2. Amazing blog
    Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin, twitter, instagram and gfc?
    If so just let me know and I'll follow you right back!
    Much Love
    Kate xo


  3. i tried leaving a comment at your travel blog on your india post, but couldnt because i dont have google+ hehe :):) so i will leave here!!!

    for some reason i wake up craving indian food on weekends so i should NOT have read this post!!! hahhaha! it is 0930 and now im craving indian food again (by the way, when in almaty i had indian food at namaste and it was freaking amazing!)

    that sounded like a really cool trip to india! i laughed when it said that you guys called each other by country names! when i first met my norwegian boyfriend, i called him 'norway' to all of my american friends! and then one day, i accidentally called him that to his face and had to start actually saying his name ;-)

    i have never had the pleasure of going to india yet. i really hope to have the chance to do it sometime! it looks amazing and so much fun! and i will do a lot of shopping of beautiful trinkets and gifts when there :)

    thanks so much that you found my blog! so cool to connect in cyberworld with someone from KZ!!! have an amazing weekend!

    1. Thank you, Megan!
      I am also glad to have found your blog :).
      Sorry, I didn't realise my other blog had different settings for comments, but I changed it now.

      I feel like traveling is becoming less fun nowadays, the world is becoming kinda uniform, the same stores, the same chains of fastfood, people are getting mixed and mingled, so I feel like there are places that have to be seen now, withing few years, or they may change and loose their authenticity. I guess it partially explains why you were so disapointed by Astana and was so charmed by Almaty and Bishkek.

      I started my travel blog because I realised that I can't quite rely on my memory when I want to travel back in time and remember all those interesting places I visited, especially the smaller details. Writing for a blog, downloading pictures, editing, etc. takes a lot of time, in my case at least, and, if you don't write about a trip within at least few months, then you probably will never do it :).
      So, I started that blog. I haven't written about all the places I've been to yet, including my most recent tour to Florida. I hope I will be able to keep the blog alive, even though I got busier now and don't always have time for it. Also I don't have many readers, so sometimes I ask myself "what for?". I have already answered the question above,but still, it feels that a better reasoning is needed :)).
      After reading your post about Astana and Almaty I realised that maybe I should also write about the city I live in now, e.g. give little tips about the places that I will (hopefully) like here. Well, I'll see. Writing for the blog would be more fun, if I knew someone was reading it and the information was somewhat useful.

      India is indeed an exciting place. But it requires an open mind (that is not a problem for you, I am sure :). I was lucky to be there with a group of people who I met there for the first time, but with whom we became like a family. So I agree that it's people who make a trip. Even now, two years later, I often recollect that trip, because it was so different from any other, for many reasons. Sometimes, being there, I felt appauled by the dirtiness and poverty, but I realised that things are changing there and seemingly to the best.
      I wish you a nice trip to India, if you decide to go on one. Just make sure you are safe, have a male companion and stay in safe places. We were always guided by Indians, and in a big group, so we didn't have to worry. Indians in general are very laid back and friendly people. I wish I could see more places in India, Kerala would be one of them.

      Have a nice weekend too. Be strong, spring and longer daylight is coming :).